Trail Days 2014 Schedule


7am: TOWN-WIDE YARD SALE! Bargains on every street.

* Download the Registration Application for a space in the Town Park

Registration Deadline: APRIL 15th                



Manufacturer Representatives set up in the campground, and from Thursday (14th) through Saturday (16th) will be available to assist hikers with equipment repairs, gear advice and specialized services. These Reps are there to help you, the hiker, with any issue you may be having with any of your gear. The Reps generously donate their time and skills to provide FREE gear repairs, expert fitting and other services to the A.T. community. We hope you’ll take advantage of this service opportunity in the campground parking area. (There is a $5 campground entry fee per person, which covers the entire weekend, regardless of the amount of time spent there.)



9am: Campground opens for weekend parking ($20 per car) & campground entry ($5 per person).

9-5: "FREE Gear Repair Area" in the campground parking lot.

9-5: 'The Place' annual Work Day. Come and be part of the first annual Work Day at The Place! Lunch provided for the first 25 volunteers. For more info. contact

12-7: Retail, craft, and food vendors set up in the Town Park.