2018 Trail Days Sponsors


2018 "TITLE SPONSOR" - $7,500 Sponsorship


Farm to Feet logo

Farm to Feet™ is committed to the single, simple goal of creating the world's best wool socks by exclusively using an all-American recipe: US materials, US manufacturing, and US workers. With its supply chain completely within the U.S., Farm to Feet is able to ensure the highest quality materials and end products, while having as little impact on the environment as possible. Once the wool is grown and sheared in the Rocky Mountains, the remaining processes take place within 300 miles of its sustainability-focused knitting facility in Mt. Airy,NC. All Farm to Feet socks feature seamless toe closures, a comfort compression fit from the top through the arch, and superior cushioning for ultimate performance and comfort. Farm to Feet's current line includes socks for Hiking, Running, Hunting, Fishing, Multi-Sport, Snow Sports, Tactical, Equestrian, and for Everyday. Thesecollections include men's and women's styles in multiple colors, weights and heights. Farm To Feet is committed to goal of creating the world's best wool socks by exclusively using an all-American recipe: US materials, US manufacturing, and US workers. Using a domestic supply chain, Farm To Feet manufactures premium products with the highest quality materials, while minimizing the impact on the environment. www.farmtofeet.com



2018 "The Thru Hiker" - $2,000 Sponsorships


Big Agnes logo

Wonder why we called our company Big Agnes? The answer you receive depends on who you talk with and the mood we're in. Honestly, it's either a rocky peak in the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness Area outside Steamboat Springs, a laid back mountain town mama or dependable backcountry gear. We think it represents a little bit of each and everything in between. We've spent a lot of time in the local backcountry so we feel downright connected to it. We name our products after local history, places, peaks and rivers which is always a fun process. It brings back memories of trips both successful and epic and hopefully inspires you to come explore. Big Agnes, the mother of comfort. We love to outfit dirtbags everywhere! www.bigagnes.com


Darn Tough logo

Darn Tough has been building quality socks since 1948, and during that time, it has managed to create socks so durable and well made that it can confidently stand by for life. Family-owned for three generations, Darn Tough is built on old-fashioned know-how andcraftsmanship. Its unique process is centered on using a single, fine-gauge needle to create high- density socks that really last. Whether you are skiing, boarding , hiking, biking, or just hanging out at home, Darn Tough socks keep your feet feeling good. Premium, performance socks made in Vermont, USA and Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life! www.darntough.com



Granite Gear logo

Granite Gear was born in the Boundary Waters to make backpacks and packing systems tougher than granite. Well-known for award-winning packs that will take you where you've gotta go. For the past 28 years, Granite Gear has been involved with the Trail Days festival! Granite Gear takespride in producing award winning backpacks and storage sacks, so that thru-hikers can have full confidence in their gear while enjoying the trail. Stop by the Granite Gear booth for any and all gear repairs. Special thanks to Sundog Outfitters for working with the Granite Gear brand all these years! Granite Gear: Rock Solid for 30 years. www.granitegear.com



From the earliest days, beginning in 1997, Gregory packs were noted for innovative design, ergonomic and comfortable fit, and our obsession with quality, comfort and durability continues today. Gregory Mountain Products works to ensure that its supply chain reflects its values as a company. Gregory Mountain Products expects its suppliers to treat their workers fairly, to provide them with a safe and healthy work environment and to protect environmental quality. www.gregorypacks.com


Vasque logo

Designed to support thru-hikers with products that will benefit them on the trail and give them a place to share their journeys with others and encourage more people to get out on the trail.  Vasque has been making performance hiking footwear for over 50 years. With a passion for performance and fit, Vasque's mission to this day is to bring the latest in technology and design to outdoor enthusiasts by making quality, rugged footwear for all types of trail conditions. www.vasque.com



Yukon Outfitters, home of America's only 100% recycled hammock and proud sponsor of Trail Days 2017! Enjoy the outdoors by supporting made in America. Whether your trip takes you 10 miles down the road or to the other side of the planet. Yukon Outfitters will see to it that your gear won't be the reason your adventure ends early. www.yukon-outfitters.com



2018 "The Section Hiker" - $1,000 Sponsorships


Join Backpacker Magazine's Get Out More Ultimate Gear Giveaway! Visit the Backpacker Booth in the campground for your chance to win gear from the top brands in the outdoor industry! The Get Out More Tour travels across the country May through October. Randy Propster thrives on the opportunity to share his love and knowledge for the outdoors, and looks forward to building new relationships at outdoor retailers and on the trail getting out more. www.backpacker.com/getoutmore


Food City logo


We've got the Food City “Q” smoker here! Come get your pulled pork, ribs, whole butts and chicken! Food City is proud to be a Trail Days sponsor. Visit your local Damascus Food City for all your grocery and beverage needs. Being community-oriented and involved in local efforts is one of our top priorities. Food City also partners with farmers in Southwest Virginia and Northeastern Tennessee to bring local produce to our customers, which helps local farmers and satisfies customer demand. www.foodcity.com


Freeman logo


Freeman Productions - Committed to providing Quality, Professional Sound for the Appalachian Trail Days Festival!




La Sportiva - Making the worlds finest outdoor products since 1928. With the introduction of Gore Surround in their new line of hiking boots, your feet will finally be able to breath. Visit them in the Sponsors exhibit to learn more about the leading innovations to keep you light, fast and comfortable. www.sportiva.com


Toaks logo


TOAKS Outdoor specializes in ultra light titanium cookware, cutlery, stoves, and tent stakes, located in southern California. We provide world-class titanium products and excellent customer services. TOAKS is also an innovative company. Our wood burning stove (STV-11) received Outdoor Industry Award at Outdoor 2015, Friedrichshafen, Germany. We look forward to meeting outdoor enthusiasts and& retailers. We are eager to support the outdoor community and develop great business with retailers. Also join our exciting raffles of TOAKS titanium gears at TOAKS booth at Trail Days. www.toaksoutdoor.com



2018 "The Day Hiker" - $500 Sponsorships


Hennessy Hammock logo

Hennessy Hammock, it's a tent, it's a hammock, it's a chair! Dwell magazine says it's the coolest tent in the world. Backpacker called it a great innovation! Sea kayaker says it cries out to be carried as standard equipment. It's the first hammock to go down the Nile, Amazon, and the Congo! What else is there to say? Come check out their special Trail Days Sale all weekend! Experience a level of comfort on the trail almost as good as your bed at home and maybe even better. The Hennessy Hammock is just as comfortable for expeditions into the Amazon jungle or on an African Safari as it is in the backyard or out at the cottage. Two of the ultraight camping hammocks are under 2 lbs.! Tall or large campers and campers with injuries, arthritis or bone spurs and back pain tell us about finding their first night of comfortable camping in many years in the larger Explorer Deluxe or Safari Deluxe models. The patented asymmetrically shaped hammock supports your back like a quality mattress off the ground. You will wake up in the morning feeling great. Some owners of Hennessy Hammocks claim that they come home from their adventure feeling better than when they left. www.hennessyhammock.com


The Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Recreation programs, activities and events at Southwest Virginia Community College are a unique blend of entrepreneurship, tourism, and recreation.  Whether you are interested in starting your own adventure tourism businesses, work for an outdoor based business, become a guide or outfitter, work in a local, state or national park, gain knowledge to keep yourself safe or just have fun, we have the program, activity or event for you.  In addition, we have non-credit courses in specific subject area, many of which prepare students for national certifications. www.sw.edu/adventure-tourism-outdoor-recreation