2017 Trail Days Music Schedule



FRIDAY, May 19th - FREE Concerts in the Park!


4-6pm: Arnold Davidson


I was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. One of four children, of all which have a love for music in some way, shape, or form. I grew up surrounded by music and had the desire to play at an early age, which brings me to what I’m doing now. I have been writing and putting together my first solo album due out in early 2017. It’s been an awesome experience seeing things from this side of the industry and I learn something new about it every day. I have a love and passion for what I do that cannot be put into words. The best way I can express it is though my music. www.arnolddavidson.com


6:30-8:30: Fritz & Co.


Fritz & Co. is a four-piece nostalgic rock n' roll band from the border of Tennessee and Virginia. Logan Fritz has been writing and playing music for the past three years in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With an eclectic blend of archaic structure and modern liberation, Logan Fritz & Company captures the essence of American rock'n'roll with a modern twist.



9-11pm: Captain Ivory


Michigan born, but touring out of Nashville, TN, Captain Ivory has developed a strong following through heavy touring of festivals and clubs across the US and Europe, including a marathon 42-day tour through France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, & Spain in early 2015. The group has supported everyone from Otis Taylor, Whitey Morgan & the 78’s, Frontier Ruckus IAMDYNAMITE, and more. Their debut album, produced by Grammy winning producer David Feeny (Jack White, Loretta Lynn) and released on Gangplank Records in 2014, is featured at Joe Louis Arena, & receives airplay by NPR affiliates WEMU & WDET, WTTS (Indianapolis), Lightning 100 (Nashville), and many others internationally. The group is an official Music Dealers (Chicago) licensed artist and has been approached by PBS, Detroit Red Wings, and numerous filmmakers about the licensing of their music.



SATURDAY, May 20th - FREE Concerts in the Park!



12:30pm - 2:30pm: Woodie and the String Pullers


Woodie & The String Pullers are three witty gents from Charlotte, NC who play authentic acoustic instruments. Their repertoire covers the map, including Pop, Rock, Country, Indie and Reggae. They may look like a bluegrass band, but don’t be fooled; they are everything but a bluegrass band. This band is completely different, they are a breath of fresh air. But mostly they are entertaining! Each member sings and plays multiple instruments. They play covers in their own unique style and once the audience starts to make requests, that is when the magic happens!


6-8:30pm Jackdaw's 7


Whether telling the haunting stories of a past generation or speaking of late night, whiskey tinged knife fights, the Jackdaw's 7 present with a vintage swagger that's rare to find. They play with a seasoned ease that comes with years of combined dedication. ​Their works invoke images of small country church youth spent in the innocence of the mystifying hills of East Tennessee. They come from the pioneering bloodlines that settled these wild back-country hills so long ago and their songs buzz with that same fierce independent spirit. Pulling from the musical heritage that surrounds their hometown of Bristol, they have made their sound homage to those righteous voices that birthed the genre in distant 1927. ​Jackdaw's 7, presenting Appalachian Alternative music through multi-harmonious vocals, traditional bluegrass instruments paired with classic country interpretation. Sad mournful songs to make Hank smile and tender love songs that would make Buddy Holly cry.


9-11pm Virginia Ground


Virginia Ground plays such a unique style of music that they created their own genre just to describe it: That is the Appalachiaphonic. Around Jamen Denton and his fountainesque songwriting is an ensemble of inventive musicians who create a sound at once electrically novel, and yet hauntingly familiar. With Justin Denton on drums, Derrick Boardwine on the 5-String Bass, Blake Collins on Mandolin and electric guitar, Will outlaw on trombone, Ben Smith on harmonica, Jon McGlocklin on harmony vocals, and Jamen on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, this group marries sounds from blues and funk to country, rock, and reggae, and then tempers their forceful and fluid sounds with elements of Dixieland and swing to craft the Appalachiaphonic.



SUNDAY, May 21st - FREE Concert in the Park!



1:00pm - 4:00pm: Wise Old River

Wise Old River blends a variety of influences and instruments that combine tradition with originality. The group features vocalist/guitarist Jamen Denton (formerly of Virginia Ground and was recognized as best male vocalist by the GoTriCities.com Music Awards in 2005). Jeanne Denton provides well-crafted harmony vocals and occasional percussion. Jim Denton adds acoustic lap steel, 12 string slide guitar, and bouzouki. Bassist Stephen Marshall joined the band in fall 2010 and plays with an Americana focus bridging musical styles with his honest sound and harmonic vibe. Their sound has been described as “Eclectic-Americana.”