Spirit, Forever Strong!

Join us for Trail Days 2014 featuring:


Please note new guidelines below for the Hiker Parade:

Water balloons are now prohibited due to safety concerns.  Water guns are still ok, but the town asks that participants use caution and common sense.
Please do not spray water on anyone preceding the hikers, including those in uniform such as the Honor Guard and police.  Please do not spray other parade participants such as trail maintenance clubs, beauty queens, and scout troops.  Thank you for your understanding - the Trail Days Committee.

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* MUSIC BY:  Jake Richards & Highway 11, JP Parsons & The American Bandwagon, The Ordinary Bitters, Laurel Creek Trail Band,  Virgil Harden and Appalachian Countdown, The Farmhouse Ghost, Barlow Gin and the Hatchetmen, Dot Dot Dash, EmiSunshine and the Rain, Annabelle's Curse

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